Website Design


Liquid offers a different approach to designing your site - First Draft Design


FDD offers you the chance to see a draft of your potential website (24 web hours work), view the full costs for design and set up of new site and more without having to pay any money upfront.


So the FDD for you site is free! You only pay once you are happy with the site.


This is perfect for the smaller company who can't afford to spend hundreds of pounds having a design company try dozens of designs until they find one that you like - all whilst charging you an hourly rate!


Time for a change?


So you already have a site. Why not let us redesign it for a new and exciting look? Redesigning a site using new and exciting styles etc is a great way to push your company to the front of a crowd.



First Draft Design


  • Draft Site design
  • Plans for hosting setup
  • Full costs shown
  • All this for free